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Come from where 来自哪里:

Name 姓名 : 星辰 Xin Chen【1678号】

Age 年龄 : 23 Years Old

Height 身高 : 162cm

Boobs 胸围 : 34B

Room 包房


Apartment 公寓

$110Massage/60mins +1CIM


+659038 0338

Please quote seen from momo! 请说陌陌时代看见的!



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2019-11-18 22:11Darren Says:
My first FR on momo net.

Eye on xingchen after seeing so many positive reviews. Voila! Got a slot from her and proceed to her location via instruction. Clear cut. Not wasting time telling you to go all around. Convinent for driving bros.

Clean and bright apartment. Clean bathroom and towels. No musky smell indoor. Unlike some MLs they have the musky smell.

Service is great and her smile capture me. She is a candid girl. Sweet too.

Will rtf soon. Had actually book another slot with her before leaving.
2019-11-13 14:22Addie Says:
Wow! Is the only thing I can think of right now. Pretty and cute girl with good figure.

Clean and bright apartment with good size shower. Good location. Definitely will return to her for more!
2019-11-02 11:51Jj Says:
2nd visit for xing chen. Decided to write her a review to give her some justices.

Looks:definitely 80% same as photo
Place: clean bathroom and hygiene towels
Service: excellent

She is really a sweet girl when she smile. Will carry on to visit her.
2019-10-31 18:21Benson Says:
Just left her place. Definitely a gem.
2019-10-30 22:14Derren Says:
Hi admin.. I try to text her few time. She don’t even reply my message. Can help to book? Thanks
2019-10-17 14:13987987 Says:
All review are true as spoken. Location is convenient. Place is clean and she stays alone in the apartment.

Service is excellent. Will rtf definitely.
2019-09-11 18:3090909090 Says:
Went ahead to contact xing cheng via wechat. Was lucky to get hold of a last min slot as another bro aeroplane her. Instructions given was clear. Went ahead to location.easily access by public transportation and have ample parking space. Proceed up and to my amaze she looks 95% same as photo. Went in and she stays alone in a apartment. Toliet was clean, plus point to me as she bothers to do housekeeping. After which was for your to experience. After deal done. She had a small conversation with me and offer me a cup of water. As time was near. I left slightly early so she can get some time to rest and tidy up for next bro. Take care of her. Definitely will rtf.
2019-10-02 10:57Johnny Says:
Where is her contacts?
2019-07-27 21:20Lonelyboy Says:
Stardust is a very special girl that you will never forget after first meet. Her finger and oral skill is the best I ever had. She learned Japanese recently. For bros who are fancy about Japan AV, you can ask her to speak Jap to you, world class enjoyment
2019-08-28 23:31 Says:
2019-06-24 21:59大李哥 Says:
2019-07-02 10:13wt Says:
2019-06-09 15:50YW Says:
I was surprised when the door open, Star really look same as pic shows and even prettier than that. quite chatty, will talk to me just like gf massage quite good, HJ & bbbj was fantastic man, tip top service, gfe 100%. thank you star gave me a wonderful night, will return for sure, bros pls taking good care of her
2019-05-30 14:32六六六 Says:
从来没写过评论,但这次不写都感觉对不起小姐姐了,服务简直好到没话说,进门看到我满头汗马上拿了一杯谁给我喝,冲凉出来的时候看到我的衣服都挂好了,关键是人还超漂亮啊…怎么办,感觉我恋爱了,现在满脑子都是小姐姐的音容笑貌…… 感觉不可能去找其他人了
2019-05-30 08:10Alvin Says:
Please register my number.
2019-05-29 15:18WeeNam Says:
Had an wonderful experience yesterday, I never wrote any comments before, but this time I have to say she really win my heart. As a regular hunter, Xing Chen is best masseur I ever meet before, Bro don’t miss the hidden GEM.
2019-05-25 14:16鸿哥 Says:
Tried booking a session with this beauty for a few time last week, finally booked as she just return back to our shores. I was not disappointed as she the same as in photos, service was great and bj was good too. Worth returning.
2019-05-14 23:01Imo Says:
Totally a syt, looks same as photos, massage and service was excellence with no rush for time. An gem bot to be missed. Book earlier to avoid disappointment as she say she is always pre booked in advance
2019-05-05 22:14Sawadee Says:
Nice sty light make up but look chio
Look the way she treat me like a Long lost bf
Service and place is good and clean
Will respect my Thai Buddha that clip on my shirt say take off my cloths than can hug
Fall in love in this sty gem
Good luck to her
2019-05-02 16:11MiracleBelow Says:
Managed to book a session with 星辰 today, and like all other bros here, no regrets.

Looks: 10/10 (super chio, as pics above)
Body: 9/10 (solid boobs to grab)
Gfe: 11/10 (she\'ll make you feel like the luckiest boyfriend in the whole world)
Massage: 7/10
Bj: 8/10
RTM: yes of course!

Definitely a gem not to be missed. High service oriented lady who teases you till the heavens.
I\'ll be back for sure.
2019-04-30 18:05Robin Says:
2019-04-23 21:52 Says:
2019-04-22 20:02 Says:
Massage is good with right strength and on point
Gfe is high
Looks is pretty and same as photo. Very worth recommend to bro who wish to try for high gfe and good massage
2019-04-21 08:26Laksa Says:
2019-04-20 04:00Girl hunter Says:
Look and service so far is the best that I try
Look is same as photo
Bj with good sex moan easy to ko if u cannot take it I love it so much will rtf again and again
2019-04-17 03:51Ethan Says:
2019-04-16 23:51how to add number Says:
hi admin,

i can\'t book her. she said that my number is not in record but i have booked girls here before. please help
2019-04-11 14:28John Says:
她不接 可以帮忙吗 我是熟客
2019-04-02 10:22Admin help Says:
She keeps telling me that there is no record of my number then cannot book her. How do I get record of number?
2019-03-26 21:21小处男求帮忙 Says:
2019-03-25 13:16Strong man Says:
2019-03-25 12:31邂逅 Says:
2019-03-24 15:51Happy massage Says:
Massage is great, looks is great as well, figure is slim with big boobs. Overall a satisfied massage. Will rtm
2019-03-19 20:04Index finger Says:
Booked her on 8pm slot. No regrets. Still the same as before.

Looks 9.5 (easily the prettiest in ml industry)
Body 9
Gfe 10
Bj 8.5
Overall 9.5
Rtm 100%(will be my regular ml for sure)

The only downside is the location in garea.

2019-03-19 14:17背包客 Says:
2019-03-12 13:55医生 Says:
2019-03-12 12:07两隻蝴蝶 Says:
2019-03-11 10:55IronKen Says:
Managed to meet Starry in the afternoon yesterday, and I must say I hit the jackpot.

Her looks are definitely the same as shown in the photos and videos, in fact i feel that she looks better in real life.

She was wearing a sexy lingerie when she greeted me, staying alone in a cosy apartment.

Her sensual massage and teasing was so addictive that I think i\'ll be visiting her many more times to come.

To conclude, Starry is a super good looking babe with high gfe that will surely leave you satisfied, high recommended to bros who loves being pampered by a hot looking girl.
2019-03-09 18:12Chenfeng Says:
2019-03-09 16:27名言 Says:

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